Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another Day ...

... another initiative overturned by the courts.

"A key plank of the government's anti-terrorism laws has been dealt a blow by the High Court. A senior judge said control orders made against six men break European human rights laws. Ministers say they will appeal against the ruling. The orders are imposed on people suspected of terrorism but where there is not enough evidence to go to court. They mean suspects can be tagged, confined to their homes, and banned from communicating with others.

In his ruling, Mr Justice Sullivan said control orders were incompatible with Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which outlaws indefinite detention without trial."

The initiative, of course, replaced another initiative. Which was also overturned by the courts.


Rick said...

Why not bite the bullet and deport them as France does ? This is absurd being held hostage in your own country because the stupid people running the country let these foreign terrorist suspects come into this country.

Deport them and tell the courts to take a hike.

Roballe said...

Field infers what everyone from the bottom of the pile knows only too well: it’s far cheaper to import another boatload of aspirational peasants than invest in our own underclass. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t fault the world and his brother from beating a path to our door. However, the downside remains that of raising the barrier to domestic social mobility. Conversely, you could argue that migrant labour deserves a shot at the title; that those who fall by the wayside somehow deserve their fate? The world according to New Labour.

Rick said...

Never before has a nation used its welfare system to support mass-immigration with free health care, education, housing...............I am surprised the ports are not even more crowded

Only legal immigrants are denied benefits for 2 years

Anonymous said...

Rick we can't deport them as it would breach human rights laws. We cannot just tell the courts to take a hike as we are ruled by laws. The only way this will ever happen is if we pull out of the EU and tear up the 1951 UN convention on refugees. It aint going to happen. Actually the French also have trouble deporting people to certain countries as well. That's part of the reason they are loitering in Calais.

As for deporting these deadbeats. It is often very difficult when they have no documents. What country would you deport them too?

I sympathise and as an insider if you actually knew just what goes on at the Home Office you would be looking to emigrate trust me! If you think it's bad you have no idea how bad it really is.