Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Google Power

I remember a year or so back finding a large number of Google hits on the blog for "Rod Liddle arrest", and lo, 'twas true.

If my stats are correct, two people were shot in Parsloes Avenue, Dagenham today. Since about two this afternoon I've been getting hits for "parsloes avenue gun shooting this morning", "shooting at parsloes park, dagenham", "parsloes avenue dagenham police incident", "double shooting dagenham" etc.

Yet there's zilch on the news.


Moriarty said...

Given the cutbacks in the budgets of most news departments these days, it's probably some reporters that are doing the searching after hearing a rumour/police tip-off.

Can you check the IP addresses and see where the searches are coming from?

Anonymous said...

Well, they were right! Front page of the 'B&D Post' this morning: "Shooting:Two left for dead"

Apparantly, the victims of the 'Chicago style shooting' (the gang used tommyguns..? Escaped in cars with running boards..?) were rushed to hospital anf are serious but stable - the gang who shot them escaped. No names or descriptions.

The police's Trident team are investigating.....