Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Couple Of Cowslips From The Curate's Copse

Dear Sir,

In the Barking and Dagenham Recorder I spotted two stories.

"Firefighters not allowed to fly English flag for World Cup"

Firefighters will not be allowed to support the England team at the World Cup after being banned from flying the national flag at their station.

The ban was handed out after St George's Day, when Barking Fire Station's Blue Watch put up an England flag to mark the patron saint's day. They were told it might offend certain groups in the community.

But Ashfaq Siddique, secretary of Barking Mosque, called for the fire brigade to use some common sense and not to be oversensitive.

He said: "The World Cup is coming up and I think if you look at the Muslim households around the borough, they will be flying the England flag because many Muslims will be supporting England."

"BNP Wins 11 Seats"

The British National Party pledged to give Barking and Dagenham residents a voice after winning 11 seats on the council last night.

Could these stories by any chance be related ?

Yours, etc


Anonymous said...

"being banned"
"ban was handed out"
"they were told"

...the passive voice is wherever possible used in preference to the active...

George Orwell on how not to write.

So just who is doing all this banning?

"Full story in the Barking and Dagenham Recorder."

I doubt it.

Charles Martel said...

indeed - who the hell are these people? are they accountable to the voters?

i'd love to find out that as well.

somebody should have a website that name and shames these people - with a full listing of their politically correct nuttiness.

Charles Martel said...

Daily Ablution has more details

he's actually phoned the fire station to confirm it.

Paulinus said...

If they don't like the Cross of St George I wonder what they make of the flags of Corsica ( a Moor's head) or that of sardinia? (A cross of St George with 4 Moors' heads). The Moor's heads are thought to relate to the North African practice of raiding the islands for slaves.

Religion of those slave traders? Have a guess.

Paulinus said...

Check them out here:

Anonymous said...

Dont let the smoking ban happen in england its the first step to a lot of bans. Whats next alcohol? cars over 3 years old? who knows. but they will never ban foreign scum coming here to rape and murder, and dangerous prisoners will always be released after half their sentence to murder again. We cant send this or that murderer back to -----land he might be tortured (my heart bleeds) let him stay here to kill an innocent child.hang them high they wont harm anyone again.