Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lunatics - "We Run The Asylum Now"

"Patients who self-harm are being allowed to do so under supervision in hospital in an innovative scheme.
The practice is being allowed as part of a six-month investigation into the care of people who self-harm at St George's Hospital, Stafford."

"Around 100,000 A&E consultations each year are linked to self-harm. Experts say many more people may be practising the technique in secret."

I like "the technique". Just as we're on the way to the medicalisation of criminality ("a serious personality disorder") and the human condition ("depression"), we now see cutting holes in oneself as a form of therapy. How long before cutting holes in other people is treated likewise ?

As Dalrymple recorded a patient saying, "I had to kill her, Doctor - or else I don't know what I'd have done".

In line with the spirit of this post I suggest that the "technique" be videoed or put on a live Web feed. I'm convinced there's a market for that sort of thing among the Zoo and Nutz generation.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the unfortunate people who self-harm could be encouraged (as therapy) to give themselves wedgies? That way, they could still cause themselves physical discomfort, but would provide entertainment to a broader audience.

Larry Teabag said...

the human condition ("depression")

That's lovely.