Monday, February 13, 2006

That Video

As on the BBC and in all newspapers.

"There is no doubt that this video will worsen relations between British soldiers and the Iraqi people, and between Britain and the Islamic world. That's why it's our main news story, with more in pages 3,4,5 and 7. You can see the pictures (and others) in colour next week in our pull-out special 'Images of Abuse - Photographs from Iraq', a review of the British Council exhibition of the same name which is currently at the Institute of Contemporary Arts before starting its world tour.

Unfortunately, for reasons of space we have had to drop the two year old story about a crowd of Iraqi youths attempting to kill some soldiers with stones and home-made grenades. Those soldiers responding, not with bullets, but with batons and riot shields.

Other news - "Publishing those cartoons would worsen relations between Britain and the Islamic world, so we won't publish them. Nothing to do with death threats. Honest""

In my opinion those soldiers are needed in Cardiff.

"Workers were forced to stop work in the St Mellons area after the site manager was hit on the head by a stone and teenagers began stoning the office.

Contractors Lovell ordered staff to abandon the site a week ago and they are due to return on Monday.

The firm now plans to make links with the youths by offering work experience."

What has Britain come to when building workers can't look after themselves ?

Elsewhere I would strongly recommmend a different video - of two brave and peaceful Frenchmen, silently supporting free speech at the weekend's Paris cartoon protest.


"What has happened is that a short blonde Frenchwoman has tugged on their sleeves and gently but firmly started pulling them away.

"I will show you my ID 10 meters from here" says the plainclothes cop. "They are going to lynch you!" she adds"

Read the story and link to the video from No Pasaran !


Anonymous said...

British troops should not be sent anywhere in the world if their every action is to be examined. They are soldiers not social workers. Did they shoot somebody? hang someone, torture someone? None of these things I question why the MSM would publicise this 'video'

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Still can't see any actual evidence that this footage wasnt shot anywhere outside of a Hollywood or Pallywood backlot. Oh, wait, the News of the World says its real, so it must be. What was I thinking?

Laymond said...

looks like the coalition of the willing, was willing to co-operate in more than just getting rid of Sadam

Anonymous said...

It's about time this snatch squad were sent into "Da Bungalow" to sort out Dick and Dom.
Worth paying my license fee for that video!!

Anonymous said...

The report about 'abuse' makes me really angry. Its not abuse, soldiers were attacked by youths using various weapons, the soldiers responded by catching some of them and giving them a few hits.
Muslims hurt themselves worse than that in Aashurah festivals.

Seriously, I'd like to know exactly what injuries were taken. Its hard to tell from a distance how bad the hits are, things can look worse to an on-looker than when you are involved, I have seen fights that looked real bad and then the people walked away as if nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

They are soldiers under attack.
They could have just shot the offenders. Instead they showed discretion and compassion.

What abuse?

David said...

My interview on Radio 5 Live (was also on the World Service earlier in the day talking with an iraqi blogger)