Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Has there ever been a white victim of a racist murder in this country?”

I rarely link to a story on the BNP website. And Allen and Garvey are my two favourite Radio five presenters - a great double act.

I'll make an exception for this.

Jane Garvey : “Has there ever been a white victim of a racist murder in this country?”

This is the Drive show's email address.


Tony said...

Dunno about Allen & Garvey, but I got 8/10 for both the Trafalgar and Churchill quizes.

Anonymous said...

Here's my email:

Dear Sirs

Jane Garvey asked “Has there ever been a white victim of a racist murder in this country?”. Indeed there has. As Sean O'Neill reported in the Times of 3rd December, "A Home Office report reveals that of the 22 homicides classified as racially motivated between 2001-04, the majority of victims (12 cases) were white."

As a Glaswegian, I draw Ms Garvey's attention to the ghastly murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald in this city.

I hope this clears up the matter.

Best Wishes

Laban: can you give us a list for future reference?

Laban said...

Ross Parker, Christopher Yates and Gavin Hopley are the names which spring immediately to mind - but I don't know who the others are - which sas something about the media coverage.

Isiah Young-Sam is another victim of racist murder whose case has had little publicity. Like Anthony Walker, he was a young black Christian and by all accounts a nice guy. He was stabbed to death because of his race - but his killers weren't white, so he didn't get the full BBC News 24 treatment.

Some black and Asian victims of racist attack get little publicity too - if they're old. I'm tryng to remember the name of the poor Asian guy who was killed in an underpass a year or two back by two lowlife.

Anonymous said...

A comprehensive list of "white" victims can be found here

Laban said...

Unfortunately the fallen list insists on using language like 'African savage' to describe perpetrators - in such a way as if to imply that being savage is a necessary consequence of being African.

I've got no problem with describing murderers as savages - but it's the murderer bit that merits that description. Similarly I don't give a monkey's if Peter Stringfellow is Jewish. I find a great deal of the site to be offensive.

But the fact remains that BNP-style sources like that are often the only place where murders like those of Anthony Farrell are reported. That's a pity - but if the papers, the BBC, and no-one else on the left or centre is doing it then these people are the only place for such info.

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