Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Asbos Don't Work ... Solutions Please ?

"More resources"

'Young people with nowhere to go, now that resources have been cut, are being criminalised for hanging out on street corners' - "Niki" Adams, The Guardian.

"Professional support and compassion"

'The majority of young people who offend are neglected, abused, ill and immature. We should treat them as such and start caring for them in a more considered way, rather than dealing with them through the criminal justice system' - Louise Swain, The Guardian.

"None of the above"

'enforced military service for these subhumans ... should be sterilized with a blunt knife ... the decent people should now start to go around in groups and beating up little scum ... bring back the public stocks ... I wouldn't **** on him if he were on fire ... concentration camps should be re-opened ... firing squad ... I'd prefer to slap his parents ... drown him at birth ... birch them ... should be locked up and forgotten about ... stuck in a burning building - I'd gladly stand by and watch ... this piece of excrement'

Readers of the Manchester Evening News (owned by The Guardian)


Anonymous said...

Strange, not one comment even vaguely "understanding" of the little mancunian turd. Seems like the MEN got the unanimous voice of the people. So what will our "Lords and masters" do? The usual sweet Fanny A, of course.

It's the same as when TB had his Big Conversation a couple of years back. "Post your ideas of how to solve things in this country on our website," he said. "We'll introduce a bill to parliament to enact whatever is the most popular idea".

And what was the most popular idea? "Let us give burglars a good kicking without fear of prosecution," the public replied. Has anyone seen a new law to that effect?

Britain may have been a democracy once. It's a dictatorship of soocial workers nowadays. Give me Africa and my firearms any day.

The Remittance Man

Anonymous said...

Oh, and please forgive my poor spelling; I am a product of the comprehensive education system. At least a few years in the company of books and with some effort I can recognise my disability. As they say, recognition of the problem is the first step to curing it.


Anonymous said...

Laban: The comments at MEN reveal the crude and inarticulate reactions of ordinary people who often have to live in neighbourhoods made hellish by crime, disorder and social disintegration.

I suspect the bleeding-heart Guardian letter writers you quote would not like this sort of scum as their neighbours. Indeed, like so many social workers, they probably live in the more salubrious parts of town.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with Paul. I bet "Niki" and Louise are preaching about diversity and tolerance while living in the whitest, richest best policed area they can afford.

Anonymous said...

Awesome comments there on the MEN! As rm pointed out, not a single liberal comment amongst them. Respect to the good people of Manchester.