Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Decline Of British Industry

The way we were :

“Leicester Square at night is the resort of the worst type of women and girls consorting with men of the British and American Forces, in which the latter seem to predominate,” he said. “Of course the American soldiers are encouraged by these young sluts, many of whom should be serving in the Forces. At night the Square is apparently given over to a vicious debauchery.”

Now, tragically, the needs of Londoners are serviced by an army of girls from Eastern Europe and South America, taking the work out of our girls' mouths. The native Britons no longer have the skills needed to compete in this most competitive of service industries.

Meanwhile Rasputin has ignored the beheading of Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia to tackle a more pressing concern - the evil way in which the Empire exported Hymns Ancient And Modern. Notice the side-swipe at the Great Satan :

He said: “In all sorts of ways the Church over the centuries has lent itself to the error, indeed the sin of trying to make cultural captives, whether it is the mass export of Hymns Ancient and Modern to the remote parts of the mission field . . . the shadow of the British Empire that hangs over our own Communion or the export of American values and styles to the whole world.”

And in Gay Paree the riots continue. The BBC explains how the rioters are 'shackled' by living in a poor place.

We've been here before. There are plenty of poor places which nonetheless are not "ghettos".

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