Sunday, October 09, 2005

Turks "Lack The Guilt And Self-Hatred Of Good Europeans"

The Pub Philosopher explains the necessary cultural adjustments Turkey has to make to become fully European.

In parallel to action at government level, Turkey will need to develop a coterie of journalists and academics who will constantly remind it of its evil past. Turkish equivalents of Seamus Milne and Madeleine Bunting will be needed if the Turks are to develop a sense of their imperial guilt. The new liberal journalists will need to write pieces like this:

Of course, the massacre of Muslims by Serbs at Srebrenica is a terrible atrocity but it has to be seen in the broader context of Turkish imperialism. The Ottoman Empire's use of Muslim converts to subjugate the local Slavs inevitably created a deep-rooted resentment. We need to acknowledge the role that Turkey has played in creating the current blood-bath in Yugoslavia.

Or this:

For years we have allowed the British to take the blame for the creation of Israel on Palestinian territory. In fact, the British occupation of Palestine in 1918 got Turkey off the hook. The pre-war sale of land to Jewish immigrants by corrupt Ottoman officials was always going to lead to trouble with the Arabs. Fortunately for us, someone else picked up the problem.

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