Thursday, September 15, 2005

"Us" Killing "Them" vs "Them" Killing "Them"

When Muslims are killed by non-Muslims, Muslim organisations protest.

When Muslims kill Muslims, as in Sudan or Iraq, the same organisations stay silent.

When a white person in Britain kills a black or Asian person, it's headline news - especially if the victim is a decent, upstanding member of the community. As I wrote a while back "the only times you hear in the media about a black kid with good grades and school attendance is when his poor mother's asked to come and identify the body. Stephen, Damilola, Kieran".

You could add poor Anthony Walker to that list. But some good, decent black kids don't even make the BBC local news.

Imagine a couple of black girls sitting in a parked car, when it's surrounded by a gang of white youths. One of the girls gets out to remonstrate and is stabbed to death.

It would be all over the news. There'd be protests and vigils. BBC News 24 would show the memorial service live, as it did for Anthony Walker.

Ruth Okechukwu, aged 18, was killed last Sunday and the story has sunk without trace.

Pastor's daughter Ruth Okechukwu, 18, was murdered after being repeatedly knifed in a 'cold-blooded' gang attack. She suffered wounds to the wrist, hand, throat and fatally to the heart.

Ruth and a friend were sitting in a parked car in Peckham when it was surrounded by a gang of six or seven youths. She is believed to have been stabbed when she got out to remonstrate with the youths.

A 16 year youth has been arrested and is being intervened by detectives at a south London police station.

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Ruth Okechukwu was black.