Sunday, July 31, 2005

Yes, We Are Decadent And Deserve To Be Blown Up

I named a hint of this attitude in my Bradford post.

Since then Helen Rumbelow in the Times (Mick Hartley disagreed) and now Minette Marrin in the ST. Bel Mooney covered much the same ground ('they say we're decadent - and they have a point') in the Mail On Sunday, though as one who was a leading cheerleader for decadence (then called 'modernity') in her day (approx 1972) I'm not sure she's one to talk.

Gratuitous historical reference : it may be that those of us tempted to think 'better sharia law than the morning-after pill from the school nurse' have a litle of the attitude with which good French Catholics faced the decadent Third Republic and the growing power of the Reich. Many became defeatist, arguing that France's wartime collapse was God's judgement on France.

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