Thursday, June 30, 2005

Religion of Peace, Religion of Appeasement (and incompetence)

Imagine the fuss if English Christians had beaten a Muslim, Hindu or Sikh to death because his son was seeing a Christian girl. It would be all over the Guardian and Indie like a rash. The Today programme would run daily reports on the trial.

Then imagine the fuss if it turned out they'd killed the 'wrong' man.

Strangely, this story seems to have slipped under the radar.

Prosecutor Anthony Barker, QC said Mr Gill was the victim of a deliberate and planned killing.
"Some men had clubs, iron bars and hockey sticks and inside the shopkeeper was clubbed to death," he said.

Shimraz Kahn, 35, got a minimum of 18 years for the murder of Major Singh Gill at his West Midlands shop. Waheed Akhtar, 22, was given 15 years.

The men believed Mr Gill's Sikh son was in a relationship with a young Muslim woman, Stafford Crown Court was told.

Two others were found not guilty. Two further suspects are believed to have fled to Pakistan.

UPDATE - The Dumb One highlights the BBC's view of this murder as 'a dispute between Sikhs and Muslims’.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales makes the Church of England look like Dumb Jon. They produce piles of verbiage on Islam, Fair Trade, Chinese cockle-pickers, asylum seekers, refugees, Abu Ghraib - you name it.

Unfortunately they appear to be so far up their own liberal backsides that they don't notice when their own people are up someone else's.

A man who was sexually abused as a child by a Roman Catholic priest has been awarded damages of more than £600,000 at the High Court.

The man, known as A, was abused by Father Christopher Clonan over a 10-year period from the age of eight when the priest worked in Coventry

An amount of £635,684 was awarded by the High Court in Manchester against the defendants, the Archbishop of Birmingham and the trustees of the Birmingham Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

I have an interest to declare - a son who's an altar-boy and the Direct Debit which sends several hundred pounds a year into the coffers of Holy Church. I'm not terribly taken with the idea that it's going straight out again in payments to lawyers and victims.

I'm even less taken with the fact that this isn't an isolated case. The Bishops and Cardinals are taking repentance and forgiveness too far when they let paedophile priests loose on unsuspecting congregations.

Archbishop Nichols said on Wednesday that no priest convicted of offences against children would have a "role of trust" in the diocese.

Role of trust ? He shouldn't have any role of any kind in anything. Forgiveness on an individual level - fine. At a corporate level - no way. And the Cardinal is worse.

PS - you may notice the BBC have got the story wrong when they say the poor man was abused from the age of eight 'over a 10 year period'. Of course it should have read 'over an eight year period, after which, on the boy's sixteenth birthday, the relationship became one between two consenting 'gay men'. And anyone objecting is a bigot.'


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I am pleased to find a conservative British blog! I am an American but before being I am American, I am a "westerner." I am a christian western man who won't vow to Islam, the only religion who teaches hate and want to kill us all and throw us down a well. I hope the Britons can get their culture back from those liberal politicians who are vowing to a false religion and 7th century customs.

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but before being an American*