Friday, March 18, 2005

Enriching Our Economy

There can be no doubt that mass immigration has reduced costs for employers drastically. Take what the Guardian calls 'sex work'. Foreign entrepreneurs are capable of finding people who will take on the jobs that the Native Brits don't want. In some cases, they'll even find employees who will do jobs against their will.

The girl was resold seven times, repeatedly raped and forced to work in brothels throughout Britain. She escaped only after enlisting the help of three local women at a Sheffield nightclub and ran barefoot, distressed and traumatised, to a local police station.
The flood of new workers has helped keep inflation low, and some prices have actually fallen. For example, last summer a Lithuanian teenager cost as much as £4,000. Within a few months, thanks to businessmen from Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, the price had dropped to £3,000, then £1,500. Who says it's a difficult climate for businessmen in Brown's Britain ?

Elsewhere people are developing innovative methods to detect crime. How long before mermaid technology comes to Britain ?

A HARARE woman bought FIVE return air tickets to fly mermaids from London after a spirit medium told her they would help her recover her stolen car and money.

Zimbabwean authorities say this was a swindle and have arrested the spirit medium Edna Chizema, who is also a popular musician, charging her with theft by false pretences.

The bizarre details of the case were revealed when Chizema, better known as Ambuya Maduve, went on trial on Wednesday.

Magrate Mapfumo told a Harare magistrate how she turned to Chizema after her car and $150 million cash went missing from her home.

She said when she arrived at the singer’s home, a mystery voice told her that she had to buy air tickets for the mermaids (injuza in Ndebele, or an imaginary sea creature fabled to have a woman’s head and upper body and a fish’s tail) which would track down the thieves who had stolen her car and cash.

(I must say New Zimbabwe has some fantastic stories. From the same page, Witchcraft blamed as stones rain on family , Man grows female genital organ on face , Goblins burn traditional healer )

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