Saturday, January 08, 2005

United Queendom

Via the Times, the publicly funded Visit Britain organisation proudly presents "Welcome To Gay Britain".

A bit difficult to parody anything which opens with "Welcome to the United Queendom of Great Britain" and asks "isn't it time you came Britain !"

All entertaining stuff, if you can square the Governments health promotions with a site which tells you how easy it is to pull strangers. London is "catching the eye of a local as you cruise down Old Compton Street and holding his hand four hours later as you sit on a bench by the Thames."

Well holding something, anyway. I'm a little more concerned that taxpayers money is used to promote the following message.

“We also have equal age-of-consent laws (set at 16), partnership laws and even legal-commitment ceremonies in some of our major cities. As for marriage, it’ll just be a matter of time!”

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Anonymous said...

You wrote it a long time ago but...what was bothering you exactly? The fact that it was aimed at the gay community after, probably, a market research that indicated that it was what would attract the most visitors? (resulting in more tourism related profit) Or the fact that it gave the wrong impression that you are an open-minded country?
Best regards