Monday, January 24, 2005

Hang On In There Baby

Remember Charlotte Wyatt ? The little girl who doctors at Portsmouth NHS (No Hope of Survival) Trust wanted to be left to die if she stopped breathing ?

She's now 15 months old. Her parents are applying for the 'do not resuscitate' injunction to be lifted.

Portsmouth NHS are still doing their best though.

"Relations between the family and the hospital remain tense. Doctors are not convinced that Charlotte has shown significant improvement. Darren Wyatt is allowed to visit his daughter only if accompanied by a security guard."

Family-friendly or what ?

Yesterday Carol Glass, a friend of the Wyatts, said: “Doctors said Charlotte would not live to see her first birthday and that was months ago. The hospital then said she was unlikely to make it through the winter months, but we are now a good way through.
“Charlotte should not have this ‘do not resuscitate order’ left hanging over her. She could now live on with the right treatment. Her parents Darren and Debbie want her to be treated and are hoping that one day she will be able to go home with them.”

Carol Glass should know. She literally had to fight the doctors to save her son's life.

A “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) order was put in the first applicant’s medical notes without consulting Ms Glass.

The following day Ms Glass found that her son’s condition had deteriorated alarmingly and was worried that this was due to the effect of diamorphine. The family demanded that diamorphine be stopped. Dr W. stated that this was only possible if they agreed not to resuscitate David. However, the family tried to revive David and a fight broke out between members of the family and the doctors. While the fight was going on, Ms Glass successfully resuscitated David.

Police were summoned to the hospital. Dr W. and Dr A. and several police officers were injured and all but one of the children on the ward had to be evacuated.

David’s condition improved and he went home on 21 October 1998 .

Several of David's family were imprisoned for preventing his death. David is still alive.

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