Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New Blogs In Heaven Tonight

Well on my blogroll, anyway, in no particular order ...

Militant Moderate - who, along with three quarters of the blogging world, isn't impressed with the Tory stand (or lack of) on ID cards.

Mugged By Reality - does exactly what it says on the tin. Good stuff if you don't mind a fair sprinkling of clubbing/party reminiscence. Which I don't. Mind you, as an old man I'd say this was well out of order. But confession purges the soul and after repentance comes salvation ...

What's That Smell ? - I think the word for this is eclectic.

And After Grog Blog - some witty stuff here. I think Norman Geras would appreciate a post which begins:

"I wonder how often Martin Flanagan saw Robert Louis Stevenson bounding in from the Kirkstall Lane End."

Lastly - it's not a new blog, but for all round coverage of the Scottish Regiments disaster and a lot of other things, Cabarfeadh is your one-stop blogging shop. Lots of good stuff, not all on military matters.

More parochially, among the casualties of Hoon's Howler are the Glorious Glosters, the regiment of this man.

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