Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Good Liberal ...

Bemoans racist attitudes - and wants people who hold them to die.

My wife (who's Japanese) and I travelled round the UK on various occasions. Each time, we suffered racist reactions from certain people. Whilst most people were welcoming, friendly and interested in my wife and her culture, there were others who were rude, insulting, and obnoxious. Some people did not say anything, but simply got up and moved away to other tables in cafes.

Others would mutter under their breath about WWII, and some would make remarks (to each other, not to our faces, but loud enough to be overheard) about "nips" and "chinkies". We were refused service in one pub in Canterbury. All of these negative reactions came from people aged around 60 or over, and all of the positive reactions came from younger people. I was appalled and deeply ashamed of my country, and I can't wait for these attitudes to die along with the people who hold them

Rob, London, UK

Funnily enough, sixty years ago the Japanese felt the same as Rob does about Brits of that generation. So they gave them a hand with the dying process. As they did to Chinese. And Koreans. And Filipinos.

Typical Brit who for some reason hates the Japanese.

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