Tuesday, August 10, 2004

BBC Radio ...

Not a good morning. Woke up to Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote worrying about police racism (no one from Operation White Vote was apparently available), then on to the evil Italians and their failure to give a warm enough welcome to illegal immigrants, before we hear Dennis MacShane on why we are so evil, racist and xenophobic.

Xenophobia literally means 'fear of strange things' but is generally translated as 'fear of foreigners'. You'd think the last thousand years of our history and more recent soccer violence would have taught even a Scotsman that whatever crimes you can lay at the door of the Brits, fear of foreigners isn't one of them.

Then it's time for the lady who's handing back her MBE because we discriminate against travellers.

Radio 5 at 9 am discussed 'is there a decline in behaviour and respect' with one John Harris, whose only qualification seems to be that he writes about rock for the Guardian and drops t's and h's in true mockney style.

Home again to the PM programme, where New York correspondent Andrew Sykes interviewed three 'staunch Republicans' - all of whom were voting Kerry.

Just another day on BBC radio.

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