Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hell Hath No Fury ....

One should not take pleasure in another's misfortune. Tee hee. But his fellow columnists have found plenty of copy in the Rod Liddle brouhaha. They're round him like flies round a cow's bottom, as we say in these parts.

The Spectator contributing editor and ex-editor of the BBC's Today programme seems to have been unable to resist the lure of all that posh Doughty Street totty, leaving his 40something wife for the 20something Alicia Monckton. I can't work out if she's related to Christopher (who sounds a thoroughly decent chap) and Di's mate Rosa. It's a long way from that field in Yarm or wherever, though I don't think our Rod ever kept whippets in the bath.

Spurned wifie, following the iron laws of retribution, sells story to Mail, the paper of contempt for the Today-editing classes. The Mail links are pay-for, but the Indie has the details.

Zoe Williams in the Guardian manages her usual thousand words of instantly forgettable drivel, but yet again it's Yazza who hits hardest. The Mail is your natural destiny, Yasmin. Don't fight it.

"Treacherous, and physically not unlike a malodorous mop in need of chucking out" - steady on, old girl. I always thought he had a touch of the Howard Marks myself.

UPDATE - 15/7
Even Mr Liddle himself is trying to get a few inches out of it. I like the bit about the Mail being a 'down-market tabloid'. There speaks the true voice of the middle-class Left.

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