Monday, May 24, 2004

Only A Host Of Phantom Bloggers ...

First Jackie packed up, then Paul Richards. Peter Cuthbertson is exammed up, Socialism In An Age Of Waiting defunct, British Spin is earning some money, even Tim Blair announced a month off (he lasted a day or two). Now the great Briffa is taking a break.

My sidebars point like fingerposts on a lonely moor.

"I feel like one
Who treads alone
Some lightless hall deserted"

Fortunately Mick Hartley is doing some good stuff, linking to items like La Contrariana's latest outburst and Richard Webster's take on Abu Ghraib. Having discovered Webster about six months ago and devoured a mort of his writing, I've failed to keep up with his new stuff. Thanks to Mick for reminding us.

Of course Mr Hartley is correct when he writes

"No doubt we'll be seeing more and more of these pictures, their publication being greeted with smug satisfaction at the powers of a free press to expose the evils of Western power. We will not, however, see too many re-runs of, say, Nick Berg's decapitation, or other gruesome reminders of anti-Western brutality. Too upsetting for the relatives... It's this pursuit of a shamelessly partisan approach wrapped up in high moral language which I find so unpleasant."

Such images (as used, incredibly, in the Liberal Democrats' local election literature) are likely to create rage and a desire for revenge among Muslims, but this is not a consequence which concerns the Guardian's Ian Mayes. Images of the David Berg murder are likely to create similar feelings among Americans and Westerners - which is exactly why we won't see them.

Anger and revenge are for 'them', not for 'us'.

And big shout for Dumb Jon, who keeps hitting the nail on the head, though I get my ROPs (Religion Of Peace) mixed with my L3s (Liberal Left what ?) and my TINOs (pass). How about this, on Blunketts fantastical plans to evacuate London in the event of a dirty bomb.

"THE Army and police will commandeer coaches and trains to move hundreds of thousands of Londoners out of the city in the event of a massive terrorist attack".

Would that be the Army that's been slashed to the bone ? Never mind the problem with soldiers deserting to protect their own families (and no doubt taking their weapons with them), what of the Police ? Here's people who almost all will have family in the affected areas - are they just going to stay at their posts and let their kids die ?

And about those coaches ? What about the disabled ? Will people just pile on the coaches and leave their possessions behind ? Never mind looters ..

Tell it like it is !

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