Friday, April 23, 2004

Happy St. George's Day

For the last three years the BBC has celebrated St. George's Day with the help of patriotic Englishman Billy Bragg - you know, the chap who thinks that people with the wrong politics should be beaten up in the streets to prevent Britain becoming a fascist country. In order to save freedom we had to destroy it.

This year it's all gone quiet on the BBC front - no essays from historians worried about the impact of the Crusades, no worries about lumpen racists, no feature on the Today website.

Just a couple of stories about an East Anglian pub and a factory that's giving the staff the day off. Alas the pub website (link from the BBC story) doesn't seem to be up.

Google UK has a lovely graphic though.

Inshallah we'll make it up to the top end of Gloucestershire tonight, where the beautiful town of Tewkesbury will be flag-decked and a dragon may be slain in a riverside meadow come 7.15 or so. Maybe followed by an English beer ..

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