Sunday, March 28, 2004

Of course the BBC don't have an agenda .... Part 51

The dumbing down of Radio 4 proceeds apace, with Fi Glover following Eddie Mair across from Radio 5. Today's edition of Broadcasting House is presented from New York, of all places. Why ? What's happening there of interest to British listeners ?

"We're in New York for a special programme examining the launch of new, multi-million dollar, US radio network. 'Air America' wants to challenge the dominant right-wing talk shows in the US with a new brand of liberal political shows. We talk to the main players involved and ask can 'Air America' succeed?"

Perhaps they could save the license fee payers some money by staying at home and analysing the BBCs institutional left-liberal bias. Or the total absence of diversity of thought in UK radio, helped along by some of the most restrictive broadcasting laws in the world.

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