Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Tonight's News

A quick roundup ... George Monbiot leaves the Respect Coalition, already reeling from the 'food-for-oil' revelations.

The DFES rearranges the deckchairs on 'SS Educational Titanic' yet again. I'm convinced there's a strategy here. When league tables revealed the giant gulf betwen State and private education, they brought forward the 'value-added' measure. Surprise - the private schools were best at that, too. Now we have potentially the six-term school year and the recasting of exams to look forward to. Anything but admit that the abolition of the grammar schools was a mistake. And if we shake it about enough no-one will be able to compare the present and the past ...

And Blair gets tough on immigration Episode 94. Does anyone believe anything will come of it ? The Government's immigration and crime policies have been marked by unending 'get-tough' policy announcements. Most are unworkable and those that aren't are overturned by the courts. At taxpayer expense of course. I'll be very surprised if anyone's deported from Holland, either.

And don't you just love that Guardian popup (currently a nice environmentally sound, globaliseresistance-y Toyota advert) that takes forever to load ?

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