Saturday, January 03, 2004

Left-Wing Anti-Semitism - A Spanish View

Fascinating Frontpage interview with Catalan leftist Pilar Rahola, who hits a few nails on the head.

On language - "there is also a problem of terrorism in Spain, but when the crimes of ETA [translator's note : the Basque terrorist group] are mentioned, one speaks of terrorism, while when the crimes of Hamas are mentioned, one speaks of militants, activists, resistance, struggle…When one mentions the Palestinian victims, one speaks of children, civilians, innocents, but when one mentions the Israeli victims, one speaks of people without a name"

For a UK example, see the BBC, with its Palestinian 'militants', 'fighters' and 'gunmen'.

On the Left - "it is necessary to be anti-Semitic to have credibility. Things have reached the point where, for instance, Sharon is always guilty of being guilty, while Arafat is seen as an honest figure, innocent, a tireless old resistance fighter, a heroic figure, a kind of Gandhi — when in reality he is head of an oligarchy that has so much blood on its hands. "

On moral blindness - "The most absurd thing is to watch leaders of the Left today greet and celebrate Arab leaders, even when they are fundamentalists. And there were those who tried to downgrade .... the danger embodied in individuals like bin Laden, who is, in fact, an authentic fascist. I believe that for the moment the world remains blind to the biggest totalitarianism of the twenty-first century, which is Islamic fundamentalism."

See the emerging alliance of the far left and the islamic right, as typified by the Stop The War Campaign.

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