Tuesday, January 27, 2004

It Continues ....

"Doing something to assist .... may seem difficult. But if we are not prepared to stand up to those who persecute others, then a situation can easily get out of control." DFES Holocaust pack, 2001.

It already has.

Five million in the UK since 1967.

Foetus ? Baby ?

The British Medical Association's 'Ethics Adviser' now wants post-natal abortions.

"Every Child A Wanted Child, Every Mother A Willing Mother" - the smiling, reasonable face of death. Great slogan - much better than 'Kill Unwanted Children' with its relentlessly downbeat, negative message.

How about "Every Jew A Wanted Jew, Every Neighbour A Willing Neighbour ?" for Hamas rebranding ? I'm sure Jenny Tonge would understand.

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