Tuesday, November 11, 2003

An Excellent Site

The Indie wheeled out Bea Campbell on the weekend to rehash her theories about Diana and the royal family (" ... the nature of knowledge and power ... the most powerful people in the land ... sex and corruption... "). Not to mention (ahem) 'Diana's inlaid mahogany box'. How exotic.

Bea has been big on conspiracy theories ever since she and social worker Judith Jones wrote a series of New Statesman articles on "satanic abuse" in the early 1990s. By this time Judith Jones, then known as Judith Dawson, had already played a leading role in the Nottinghamshire abuse scandal, in which social workers created an increasingly unlikely and elaborate fantasy world of ritual abuse.

Judith Jones then went on to a starring role in the demonisation (aided and abetted by a cast of thousands including the Sun, Esther Rantzen, Childline and even Hillary Clinton, Jack Straw and Cherie Blair) of Newcastle nursery workers Dawn Reed and Chris Lillie.

And it was this story that led me to the site of Richard Webster. I confess I downloaded the whole site and have been reading it offline - still plenty more to go. Fine writing - and his stories of increasing numbers of miscarriages of justice (brought about by police 'trawling' for evidence) are compelling.

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