Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Tory MPs In Mass Suicide Pact

Just heard IDS has been rejected by his own MPs, in an act which will hang round the neck of the Tories in the style of a dead albatross for the foreseeable future.

'Loyalty is the Tories' secret weapon.' What a joke. The MPs should perhaps think of the effect of this upon the party members in the country. This is really going to boost morale.

Even though with the benefit of hindsight they should probably have refused to accept the resignation of William Hague, or failing that gone for the great Michael Howard, having chosen IDS and seen a slow but steady revival in Tory fortunes they should have stuck to him.

I can't think of any more to say beyond what I said a few days ago.

"The only way removal of IDS, even to be replaced by the Blessed Michael Howard, would make sense is as part of a long term strategy which acknowledges the cultural as well as political weakness of the Tories, and has plans to combat said weakness. Sir, I don't see any such strategy. I see a few people milling about in a panic, encouraged by a crowd of media onlookers, and a much larger group of people wondering what's going on, and whether they should be milling too, as 'everybody else is'. The ghost of poor Chicken Licken roams the corridors of Westminster. "

The sky is falling !

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