Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Tony Martin

Let's start from the Left. The Indie, showing once again its ability to give a diminishing audience what they want, seem alone in bewailing his payment from the Mirror, while repeating unproven and highly unlikely claims by John McVicar.

And Deborah Orr, who knows a bit about being burgled, weighs in. Wierd how urban liberals always pick up on his 'ramshackle' house. But then I'm sure Deb thinks people who shop at IKEA are common.

The Guardian wants to use him, as do many judges, to remove the mandatory life sentence for murder. And then they have the gall to say "The farmer also needs protection, not just from revenge attacks, but from the many different groups which want to exploit him."

Like reforming liberals, for example ?

David Aaronovitch in is insightful mood. "Martin quite probably wanted to shoot a burglar, and may have fantasised many times about doing it ....". Is this the same Aaronovitch who castigated commentators who could read the thoughts of the late Dr. Kelly ?

The Sun gives the story big air, despite losing out to the Mirror.