Saturday, September 02, 2006

Encore Une Fois !

as we should all know by now, migrants coming to the UK are :

a) valuable, hard-working people without whom the economy would immediately collapse

b) victims of exclusion and racism which means they have much higher levels of unemployment than the natives

From the Guardian :

Large numbers of economic migrants from the eight new EU countries who are unable to find work or accommodation when they arrive in Britain are putting a strain on homeless services in London.

Some agencies report that more than half those attending night shelters and day centres are recent arrivals from central and eastern Europe. Of those requiring help, 68% are from Poland, although all eight countries that joined the EU in 2004 are represented, a survey found.

"This situation could become far more serious," says a report by the charity Homeless Link, which surveyed 43 London homeless agencies in March.

No worries. These are all new arrivals who'll soon get jobs, aren't they ?

The survey found that 40% of the homeless from the new EU countries had been in Britain for more than a year.

Wow. Instant underclass.


yellerKat said...

"the eight new EU countries"

Well so much for Cyprus and Malta, then.

Anonymous said...

The Government's relative ignorance over the problems of continued unlimited immigration into this country is worrying. I am not just talking about unemployment levels. I am more worried that the flood of migrants from different cultures and different ethnic backgrounds may cause a rise in popularity of the far-right and fascist parties of the UK.

We have seen evidence that the popularity of far-right and fascist groups is increasing not only in this country but across Europe. The very worst thing that could happen was if the teachings of the far-right against liberal democracy were vindicated by the actions of our democratically elected Government.

Anonymous said...

The idea of Britain being a multicultrual society (apart from the Scots, Welsh and Irish which makes Britain, Britain) has served only to dilute our national sovereignty and our national identity. As Britons, we have our own culture, our own lifestyle and our own language. Migrants are welcome to these shores as long as they understand the fundamental aspects of our culture and they should LEARN THE LANGUAGE, at least. As a predominatly Christian society, our emblem is the cross of St George, a Christian symbol. If anyone take offence at this being our national symbol, then they are free to leave to go to a country and society which meets their own particular political or religous ideal, (though this may mean they are unable to continue claiming housing, family or other benefits).
While welcoming people to this country, they are here because of their choice. No one forced them to come here. If they are able to cross many miles of ocean to find Britain, they must be of an intelligence to know of our history. If they come here in order to try and change that history, or our future, WE DON'T WANT YOU. Go somewhere where your views will be appreciated. Otherwise, come in friend, and welcome.
John Bull

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Perhaps we Brits should all move to Poland, at least crime rates over there are falling

Anonymous said...

Well I for one have had enough. I'm leaving Britain and going to be an immigrant in Portugal. I shall, of course, abide by the country's rules, learn the language, pay my taxes and respect their culture. It's the least I can do. Hopefully I'll also be left alone there to get on with my life thanks to a live and let live attitude and a society that isn't rapidly turning to national socialism.