Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Language Students"

Are these kind of language students these kind of language students ?


Anonymous said...

Could it be that the 16 year old who cant be named also belongs to a certain peaceful middle eastern religion as well? Not that I want to drift into the evils of profiling of course...

Anonymous said...

They are unlikely to be the "language students" referred to in the BBC article. From experience they are more often than not Brazilians and Bolivians who came as "visitors" and decided to stay. These bogus colleges used to make a small fortune out of "teaching English" to Poles and Czechs who were never actually at the colleges. Now these countries are in the EU they are looking for a new source of clients.

The paper obviously didn't want to admit that they are more than likely "asylum seekers" and probably failed asylum seekers who we cannot return to the shitholes they crawled from because the UN, the EU and the HRA wont let us.

Oh and re the comment above I think it highly likely that both these dirtbags are ROPissers.