Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BBC Conned Again

Zombietime busts wide open the alleged attack by the IDF on two Lebanese ambulances.

Laban posts at Biased BBC.


Anonymous said...


Laban, are you on some bet to enrich the English language here?

Laban said...

It's from an old joke about a Brit colonial administrator visiting an African tribe and making a speech to the warriors on the benevolence of the Empire and the benefits of British rule.

As he finishes each sentence the natives cry 'Nagombi !' and clash their spears on their shields. Carruthers thinks his speech is going well.

Afterwards he's walking with the chief, discussing the native breeds of cattle.

"Come into the compound for a closer look", says the chief, "but don't step in the nagombi".

(Also known as "Don't step in the huzzanga.")