Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Full Conti

When you look at the 2006 CoE and the 2006 Catholic Church, you can't but wonder if the Reformation was a ghastly mistake.

Following the decision announced today to discipline Strathclyde Fire Fighters who refused to distribute leaflets at a gay pride rally, Archbishop Conti of Glasgow - where the rally was held - has expressed his solidarity with the fire fighters.

Archbishop Conti said: "We have followed this case with concern. Today's decision is dismaying. There was no question of these officers' competency or commitment being called into question, nor was there any suggestion that they were refusing to come to the assistance of people in danger.


Martin said...


Il Marionese had better watch out.

Patrick Harvie, the dementedly homosexualist Green MSP, has already trid to have him prosecuted.

Verity said...

God the left is vicious. Why has normal, civilised society and institutions given them so much ground? They should be slashed down wherever they spring up,like weeds.

Charles Martel said...

room 101 is alive and well. its called "diversity training".

i wonder what would have happened if the firefighters were Muslim?

Verity said...

Good question, Charles Martell.

I hate this beating down of decent, sincere and service oriented men who are willing to risk their lives to rescue others. It is obscene.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the Strathclyde Fire & Rescue handing out leaflets at the next Countryside Alliance March or Pro Hunting Rally. What astonishes me is how unsupportive the public is when someone takes a stand on this sort of thing. I really believe the BBC has managed to brainwash much of the population. I tried to check to see how many people actually attended this march. The BBC claimed that "thousands" attended the march. That report was probably written by one of the march organisers who more than likely works for the BBC. However, I discovered on a gay forum (no I don't make a habit of it) that it was not well supported.

Anonymous said...

The treatment of these firefighters is absolutely disgusting and the creeps responsible should be sacked asap.

Where the hell is the firefighters union in all this? They can't all be gay. Can they?
Rod The Brit

Anonymous said...

I read this on Samizdata today

"Fanatical ideologies contain within them the seeds of their own destruction for the members of the vanguard must continually prove their own purity of thought and fidelity to the cause. In doing so, they end up turning on each other:

London's mayor has accused the head of the UK's race watchdog of "pandering to the right" so much that "soon he'll be joining the BNP".
Ken Livingstone said Trevor Phillips had "an absolutely disgraceful record" at the Commission for Racial Equality.

He accused Mr Philips of trying to "move the race agenda away from a celebration of multiculturalism".

The CRE said Mr Phillips' views on multiculturalism had been "well-documented" and "well-supported".

Revolutions eat their own children and ruling classes feast on themselves."

dearieme said...

First you insist that they are not "firemen" and then the pass is sold. Crap stuff follows in the wake of crap language. The crapsters are in charge.

(P.S. "2006 CoE and the 2006 Catholic Church": but they are both products of the Reformation. You don't want the medieval Catholic church back, do you?)

Chris said...

Even I, a gay bloke as it happens, agree that this is a disgrace.
£5000 - per year - that's some fine isn't it?
Where is the bloody union?

Shuggy said...

The C of E is Reformed? One could be forgiven for not noticing.

Anonymous said...

They might not have left the fags to burn before, but they'll probably do so in future...

I love the idea of getting Muslims to dish out leaflets and disciplining them if they won't. You'd want the riot police standing by, though.

Well, fuck the firemen. If they are too gutless to tell the managers where to stick it, that's up to them. They should winkle out whoever is behind this bit of insanity, and stuff them through an industrial shredder or wood-chipper, like some of Mad Saddy's torturers used to do.

I'd have more sympathy if the firemen hadn't spent the last few years on strike for even more outrageously high wages.

You've got to be crazy to live in the People's Democratic Republic of Scotland, anyway.

That's the next big immigration problem for England - every Scottie that hasn't already got his lips clamped round the withered teat of state benefits will soon be heading south and cluttering up England, just like they did after the original Act of Union. The miserable wankers won't be any more popular than they were in those days, either...

Steve B said...

Not really seen many Muslim firemen Charles - make of that what you will.

Anonymous said...

One point that seems to have been overlooked. The firefighters were handing out fire prevention materials on the gay parade, report have said. Are not gay people entitled to have information on fire prevention? The also pay council tax. Extending this train of thought, what would happen if a gay person's house caught fire? Would the particular crew involved refuse to put the fire out?

Remember that many heterosexuals also take part in the gay parades.

No one is asking for anyone to alter any beliefs concerning gays. But if one works in a public service, you are there to serve the public at large, and not cherry-pick which sections of the public.

DumbJon said...

Yes, anonymous, public servants should serve everyone - whiych is why public services should avoid being seen to endorse a particular position.

Are firefighters to be ordered to attend Christian Voice meetings ? How about the Countryside Alliance ? Or the BNP ?

Contary to the propaganda, believing that nurseries should be forced by law to teach three year olds about anal sex is a controversial idea. So is much else of the gay agenda. Hell, I'm not sure these loonies even have a majority amongst gay folk.

By public servants to attend a rally, the government is making compulsory political activity a condition of employment, something previously identified with North Korea, Cuba and other garden spots.

On the bright side though, one day we may have a real Conservative government. AT that point we can use this precedent to force every social worker in the country to attend one of our rallies. I'm thinking it's well past time we held one in Somalia....

Vote Franco (fdm) said...

"That's the next big immigration problem for England - every Scottie that hasn't already got his lips clamped round the withered teat of state benefits will soon be heading south and cluttering up England..."

Sorry annoymous, but I dont think this would be a problem. People who resist going onto state benfits especially in statist Scotland I would have said are precisely the sort of immigrants we want.