Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Guess Who's Back - In The Guardian

Theo Hobson :

It's as if the spirit of Mary Whitehouse is saying, "Right, if you're going to ignore and mock a nice old Christian granny saying this stuff, let's see what you make of hundreds of angry Muslims. Then maybe you'll stop and think about the toxic trash you put on telly. No more Mrs Nice Lady."

There's nothing like a few pounds of explosive - and the threat of more - to concentrate the mind of a Guardian reader, is there now ?

(More Guardianistas invoking Mrs W here, here, here and here.)


Anonymous said...

As an aside, Victorians didn't cover table and piano legs because of "modesty" but rather because of the cats that every household possessed; mice were a real problem and cats were necessary.

Sam Tarran said...

Ah, Mary Whitehouse. I remember a clip of Spitting Image that I saw which featured a Mary W puppet:

"Hello, I'm Mary Whitehouse. I didn't see Spitting Image last week, but it was disgusting!"

Verity said...

anonymous 6:22 - Cats are always necessary. If not for mice, for sitting and watching you balefully and unblinkingly for no good reason and making you nervous.

JuliaM said...

And also for depositing lovingly in your lap the large, haf-dead house spider they have just caught......

Bless them!