Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Parochial Blogging

Scribbles of Brum on social work moral panics, the delightfully named Lady Death at Then The Road of Entities 2 on Merry Hill, Redditch and White Britons.

She's from Halesowen. I used to drink at the Loyal Lodge on Furnace Hill long ago, before it turned into a posh eaterie. The landlord would still be in his vest at lunchtime, a barmaid offered to sell me a gun one day (declined). The beer was looked after but the pub wasn't - used to watch the darts players wiping the chalked scores off by using the curtains !

One rainy lunchtime I was sinking a pint of Ansells mild when the pub's dalmatian strolled into the games room, cocked a leg against the fruit machine, urinated against it (soaking the carpet), and strolled out. That pub had character.

Elsewhere, not content with exporting scallies and smack to North Wales (in exchange for teachers, footballers, stolen antiques and garden statuary), the European City Of Culture is now exporting other forms of rubbish (via cymuned).

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