Friday, June 09, 2006

Words Fail Me ...

This guy is apparently a Welsh Nationalist.

People - especially English people - worry about nationalism. They think it must necessarily involve hating everyone who's not like you. English liberals don't even mind that - as long as "everyone who's not like you" is code for "English", hence the left's love affair with Sinn Fein/IRA over the last forty years. I can remember a time (admittedly it was in student politics) when supporting the right of the oppressed Nationalist people of Ireland to defend themselves against British imperialism "by any means necessary" was pretty much a touchstone of whether you were 'really' on the left at all. After all, if the IRA considered it a necessary defence to slaughter thirty-odd innocent people in Birmingham and maim hundreds more, who were we to judge on their behalf ?

But I don't think I've ever met a Nationalist who doesn't like his own people. Even Billy "England" Bragg might find this speech a tad over the top.

"Presiding officer Lord Elis-Thomas has spoken of his anguish at the lack of ethnic minority representation in the National Assembly.

In an exclusive interview with the Western Mail, he said it was essential all communities of Wales are represented.

He said, "When I sit in my chair in our new debating chamber, I am ashamed when I look out and see before me a sea of white faces."

Well, yes. They're called the Welsh.

Elis needs to take a look at the statistics. There aren't many black people in Wales, but there are plenty of non-Welsh minorities - the largest (and fastest growing) minority being also hideously white - the English white-flighters who are currently destroying what's left of Welsh Wales. This process - and the factors driving it - seems to have passed our soi-disant 'nationalist' by.


Dave said...

But when watching TV from the MSM, you would get the impression that the race make up of this country is radically different to what it actually is.
It must seem very strange to see a 100% white area in Britain if your only previous perception was from the MSM.

Maybe thats the plan.

S Brown said...

I wrote to Plaid Cymru back in March about this. This was their reply:

"Here are the figures for the number of Plaid Cymru candidates from BME
communities in past three elections along with current representatives
in local government.

2005 Westminster Elections - 3 BME candidates (Mohammad Ashgar, Jason
Scott Toby, Neil McEvoy)

2004 Local Elections - 10 BME candidates

2003 Assembly Elections - 2 BME candidates (Mohammad Ashgar, Jason Scott

At present, Plaid Cymru has 3 BME County Councillors (Mohammed-Sarul
Islam, Abdul Khan & Mohammad Ashgar).

I will need to research the number of members for you and get back in

So it's now June and I'm STILL waiting for her to get back in touch!