Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Trouble At Mill


"It was revealed today that the fighting broke out around Hawthorne Road in Deane on Saturday after a woman was racially abused by a gang of white teenagers.

Up to 60 men and boys then took to the streets armed with clubs, bats and swords leaving residents who witnessed the fighting terrified."

Families feared for their safety as gangs of white and Asian youths fought a running battle outside their Bolton homes.

Up to 60 youths carrying iron bars, clubs and even a sword were believed to have been involved in the brawl in Hawthorne Road, Deane, on Saturday night.

One woman, who asked not to be named, gave first aid to a white man who had been injured.

She said: "I rang the police and told them to get an ambulance here.

"The man was badly beaten, and was bleeding. I tried to help but was forced go back inside because paving stones were being thrown in the street.

"It was really frightening. Nothing like this has ever happened here before.

"People were too scared to leave their homes. One woman was trying to get a message to her children, who were out, not to come back to the street."

These kind of reports need to be decoded nowadays, rather like the Lidget Green disturbances. An educated guess might be : White lowlife abuse Asian woman. Asian gangs come onto streets. Whether what followed was a 'battle' or, as in Lidget Green, a series of attacks on anyone with the wrong colour skin, remains to be seen.


AntiCitizenOne said...

Gangs of Budhists and Sihks?

Anonymous said...

We better start getting used to this as it will only escalate as the years go by.