Monday, June 05, 2006

Climate Change Threatens 'Vital' Deserts

I thought the headline must be a joke.

Not so.

"The deserts of the world are threatened by a combination of human exploitation and climate change that could, within decades, wipe out many unique habitats and rare species, an authoritative study has found."

Never mind. Like the family, the deserts aren't being destroyed - just changing.


Tom said...

It’s sad to see a once great national news paper; reduced to the level of the village idiot forever screaming we’re doomed we’re doomed! Fortunately ‘The Independent’ never was a great national, so that’s all right then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful links.

Last year, a friend emailed me saying:

"Lord May predicted that much of Africa will become uninhabitable if the West continues to consume such a large share of the planet's resources. In the face of that threat, the starving masses will have to move elsewhere --- or perish. He dare not say that there are 'too many people in the wrong place' but that happens to be the cause of the problem --- including the greedy 280 millions in America."

See The Royal Society: G8 aid for Africa under threat from climate change, warns Lord May of Oxford 24 Oct 2005.

Larry Teabag said...

I can't understand this post. Do you actually believe that deserts are at serious risk? And you care? Or is it just a clever and ironic introduction to your usual fare about the decline of family-values?