Sunday, June 04, 2006

'We're firing people left right and centre'

Just to recap ...

the 'asylum for sex' immigration officer was an illegal immigrant.

Guy Goma turned out to be an illegal immigrant.

Abu Hamza was an illegal immigrant.

It's not just foreign prisoners who walk free at the end of (i.e. after half of) their sentence - it also applies to foreign loonies.

You can buy a pass in the citizenship exam.

Zimbabwean 'homosexuals' turn out to be heterosexual.

And now it looks as if the Home Office is handing out residency at £4,000 a pop. Cheap compared to a peerage.

"Officers are currently conducting around 50 'live investigations' relating to corruption allegations involving Home Office staff, a proportion of which involve asylum applicants buying residency status to remain in Britain. So far this year alone, six IND staff have been dismissed for giving applicants 'leave to remain' status in the UK without being able to justify their decision to investigating officers."


Martin said...


In a thoroughly mercantilist culture such as ours, where our government refers to us not as 'citizens' but 'consumers', it's not at all suprising that that citizenship should have become commodified.

Treasonous, but not surprising.

The natural conclusion of such thinking is for every native citizen to demand £4,000 to compensate for them for the decline in their asset's value.

Squander Two said...

They've been dismissed? Why not arrested? This is no deterrent. Charging £4000 per dodgy citizenship, you need do only a dozen such deals to make enough money to be rather comfortably unemployed for a year or so. Do twenty or so and it makes financial sense to be corrupt even if you can guarantee that you'll be caught.

Martin, you're talking crap. The fact that Tesco refer to their customers as "consumers" doesn't cause their staff to steal from them. Obviously.

Martin said...

Squander Two,

'Crap' is a matter of opinion. If a viewer used that adjective to refer to your design work, one would hope they would reach that opinion after close consideration; but maybe my comment was too subtle for you.

The relationship between citizens and those they delegate to govern them is of an entirely different character to that which exists between a grocer and his customers. I am not a consumer, i'm a citizen - if you're happy with someone you pay to protect your rights and your culture not according you the title you deserve that's your call.

But I don't think objecting to it is crap.