Friday, June 09, 2006

More Nationalism

This is the kind of nationalism an English liberal can take any amount of.

Look at the tone of this BBC report, "Boy's petrol bomb revolution bid". Revolution. Rebellion. Call to arms.

You can almost hear the skirl of the pipes and see the clans gathering.

Imagine how the BBC would have covered it if the boy had been an English nationalist. Hate campaign. Racist. Misfit. Bomber.


Pants said...

Another take on the the tone of the BBC report could be to interpret it as indulgent to our English sense of superiority, with a wry use of the words "rebellion" and "revolution".

Larry Teabag said...

I'm afraid that through overuse this particular straw-man now no longer bears the slightest resemblence to its English liberal target. Why not try another?

Moriarty said...

The left these days is so insanely prejudiced towards its own beliefs and so far beyond any kind of parody that, if anything, Laban's post is a grotesque understatement of modern liberalism.

dearieme said...

His mother:- "He's hardly ever out the door so how he can be involved with some sort of group is beyond me." So he's a tiny nerd, then?