Monday, May 08, 2006

Transpontine Round-Up

icSouthLondon with all the cheery news.

A TWO-YEAR-OLD girl died after her mum repeatedly dosed her with heroin substitute methadone to keep her quiet, the Old Bailey has heard. Ophelia Afoitor was found lifeless in bed hours after drug addict Denise Charles, 25, refused to let her go to hospital, the court heard.

THREE men were gunned down in a terrifying shoot-out that spilled from a packed club into a high street. The gunfight erupted inside the Mbalax nightspot in Peckham High Street during the early hours of Monday. Panicked clubbers fled as further blasts followed outside the venue.

AN ALBANIAN mum and daughter will face charges relating to the murder of a 24-year-old man at a hostel for the homeless. Renata Mitre, 22, of Queen's Road, New Cross, pleaded not guilty to the murder of Aaron Stokes at the Old Bailey on Tuesday last week. Mitre and her mother, Dezdemona Balla, 48, of no fixed address, both denied destroying evidence relating to the murder of Mr Stokes.

Robert Maw, 35, cornered the 14-year-old in a park and flashed at her. He was on bail at the time for grabbing a 36-year-old woman off a Deptford street at knifepoint and raping her.

A HAMMER-WIELDING mechanic bludgeoned his flat-mate to death as he slept, a court has heard. Ricardas Navickas, 45, of Kashgar Road, Plumstead, allegedly smashed Arturas Vilkauskas over the head with the tool after a drunken row. The Old Bailey heard Navickas had only been in the UK for two days when he moved into the one-bedroom flat with the victim and three other Lithuanians.

A TERRIFIED Sikh woman has told how a race attack made her think she would die like murder victim Stephen Lawrence. Teenagers launched abuse and missiles at the shocked social worker, her daughter and a friend when they visited Oxleas Wood in Eltham. The three made their way to their car but were confronted by the rabble minutes later. They hurled sticks, full beer cans and stones at the car causing slight damage to the windscreen. They escaped unhurt and called police. The victim says police told her no arrests could be made because officers said they were "outnumbered" by the horde of teenagers.


JuliaM said...

"The victim says police told her no arrests could be made because officers said they were "outnumbered" by the horde of teenagers."

Hmm, so the usually enthusiastic foes of racism aren't so keen when it seems they may be met with a little too much 'resistance'...?

No wonder their prime concern these days seems to be arresting shopkeepers for golliwog displays!

Ian said...

juliam seems to have come to the wrong conclusion, perhaps it is better to read the whole article.

"A police spokesman said no arrests were made because the victims could not identify the attackers."

So there you go.

Lets take a check at what sort of things the police have been up to in the last year or so, disregarding gollies.

JuliaM said...

My comment refers to the final story in Laban's post (about the racist attack on the sikh lady), and quotes the relevant part of that post in my comment.

Perhaps you are confused..?

And what does the honours story have to do with it?

Anonymous said...

"Ophelia Afoitor was found lifeless in bed hours after [her mum] drug addict Denise Charles, 25,"

One almost-universal feature of these tragedies is that the - usually dead - child will turn out to have a different surname from the "mother", or in some cases, a different surname from BOTH the "parents".

Is this cause or effect? I think we can guess.

Anonymous said...

Re the names: and often names indicative of rich, vibrant diversity!

Anonymous said...

I would have said that Oxleas Wood is in Welling, not Eltham