Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Couple Of Bluebells From The Curate's Hedge

Diane Abbott discovers Mr Blair's Turkey Army.

"In recent decades the Labour Party has drawn its activist base disproportionately from the public sector"

She stands as a proud supporter of the public sector.

" ... the market is not the answer to every social issue ..."

" ... except education, of course"

Jane Kelly at the Social Affairs Unit blog has a fascinating interview with one of Muriel Gray's "appalling little people", a BNP council candidate from Keighley.

When I met Rose Thompson she was at home, on the seventh floor of an eleven-storey block, with a broken lift, knitting and crying. Tiny and frail in discoloured white fluffy slippers, crocheting a scarf, with two budgies chirping in the background, she looked like a leftover from a grittier Carla Lane sit-com. She moaned:

When I told them I was going over to the BNP no one believed me, now I've done it and everyone hates me. The Mayor says he's disgusted and my sister won't speak to me.

She also has just been warned by a neighbour to expect some kind of assault, but she still thought it was worth it. She said tearfully:

I'm worried but I can deal with it.

But her sense of abandonment was palpable:

As a councillor I have spoken for everyone, but no one has ever spoken for me. I am not a racist but Labour and Conservatives have done nothing for me, nothing. All the people I grew up with used to vote, we were told to vote Labour as we were going out the door, now hardly any of them vote – that is a big change. People up here feel there is no one on their side.

Read the whole thing.

Tottenham Lad has more on Jon 'demographics' Cruddas.

And Adloyada writes on yet another proposed boycott of Israel, and the remarkably low-key BBC response to the Lib Dem "wallowing in your own filth" story.

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