Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Killing Wales

One of my hobbyhorses is the way the M40 and A55 are helping to destroy Welsh culture - as hippies in the South, scallies in the North, and retiring English everywhere take advantage of the improved communications to move in and price out the locals.

And here are the hippies - Steiner school types to a man or woman, I'll be bound, planning a new settlement in the occupied West Bank (of the Severn).

While in the North, the great Dalrymple writes of the A55 and mourns the death of innocence.

UPDATE - Welsh Labour and Plaid debate the really important issues.

UPDATE II - I've added a sidebar link to Cymuned (English language version), who are campaigning against the slow-mo ethnic cleansing of Welsh Wales.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, those Lammas types don't think that current habitation and consumption practices are sustainable in the long term.

Those crazy, hippy freaks!

Laban said...

they may be right about that - but why aren't they building in Didcot or Skelmersdale ?

AntiCitizenOne said...


I think you'll find the problem is that productivity in Wales just isn't good enough.

If people like me weren't able to flee Wales, the country would be even worse than it is, trapped full of frustrated entrepreneurs.

The only hope for Wales is to "import" some sensible people!

Anonymous said...

Spare us the celtic chauvinism. Enough "celts" invade England, nick the jobs and force house prices up, so why can't it happen in reverse? What about the English and their culture? I'm half "celt" myself but I despise their victim culture.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Laban but I can't agree here. Nobody has the right to a "culture", it's something that is built up and maintained by the efforts of it's inhabitants. If it can't stand on it's own two feet then it's time to let it go.

Should we rip up all motorways to make sure we can't escape our home counties?

None of that means I like the hippies/scallies - believe me!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the M4 rather than the M40?

Anonymous said...

depends what you mean by 'right' to culture. steve..

If 1 billion Chinese people wanted to move into England the effect would be that our culture was swamped and would be lost. It has nothing to do with who's culture is best or which is more able to stand on its own feet, its simply about numbers.

We as a nation do have a right to defend our people, culture and way of life from being swamped.
If we don't our people and culture will simply be replaced by those who do defend themselves.

Wales only has 3 million people and probably a lot of those are not 'native' Welsh, so the effects of mass-immigration are going affect Wales a lot more than other parts of Britain.

Anonymous said...

You know, if they want to save their culture and language, they could be a damn sight more welcoming to prospective incomers who have *already* learnt the language and were enthusiastic and hoping to assimilate. Some were supportive, but not most, and the Cymry di-Gymraeg could be downright nasty.

Anonymous said...

English immigrants are those most likely to assimilate in Wales but they are the only ones who get stick from locals.

Laban said...

But the English who've moved mostly DON'T attempt to learn the language. Hence the slo-mo takeover of Preseli by the Steiner school crowd or the introduction of Scally culture (smack and thieving) to Anglesey.

And Dave's right. Just as in England, it's numbers that are the problem. There are only half a million or so for whom Welsh is a first language. If half a million much richer English move alongside them, the culture's doomed.