Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Tales From The Underclass

From Blackburn :

A 33-YEAR-OLD addict stole his terminally ill mum's TV set after she refused to lend him money for drugs.

And a court heard the son, registered as his mother's carer, used her electric wheelchair to remove the 32 inch TV which he sold for £40.

Brian Aspin, 33, of Sunnybank Gardens, Blackburn, pleaded guilty at Blackburn magistrates to theft of a TV worth £500.

"When she realised what had happened she was very upset."

Thanks Gavin for the link.


staghounds said...

Notice these two losers living off the citizenry have a


Laban said...

Now be fair. His mother might have earned that. And anyway I've got no problems with a terminally ill woman getting a few goodies off the State. After all, she won't get the necessary drugs, will she ?

Her son, by contrast, is a perfect case for the stocks on market day.