Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Compare And Contrast II

The BBC showing the lack of bias for which it's famed.

Hey, that Labour Minister, Ruth Kelly. Does she really believe in gay rights ?

"Some campaigners say her appointment suggests the government does not take gay rights seriously."

Further down the politics page :

Hey, what about that BNP councillor ? Did he really act in a gay porn movie ?

According to the Evening Standard the film includes long scenes of men undressing and fondling each other, full-frontal nudity and a naked man apparently performing a sex act on another. There are also repeated scenes of flagellation in which a group of semi-naked men apparently whip a fourth semi-naked man senseless to the ground, the paper says. (Sounds like a Royal Marines recruitment video to me - LT) In the party's election manifesto, the BNP raised the prospect of a local vote so parents could decide if they want to "prohibit the teaching of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle choice".

I'll try and remember the last time the BBC lifted a not-very-good story attacking the left from the Evening Standard. (And I'll grin at the idea of "Marxist Gay Cinema" from "Dicky" Barnbrook).

UPDATE - People in BBC news really should be aware that one Labour MP did a lot of nudity - and at least two of her films feature chaps grappling with each other.

I await the BBCs "Labour Woman Rejects Porn Film Claim" story with interest.


Edwin Greenwood said...

One wonders if this attack is any more credible than Gilligan's earlier smear attempt on the BNP (Evening Standard, 2 May) in which he enlisted the aid of Bob Crow of the RMT - a remarkable feat considering the usual relationship between the RMT and the Standard.

Crow was despatched to Epping Forest to confront a BNP candidate who is also an RMT member. And Mr Crow's coup de grĂ¢ce, pantingly reported by Gilligan? That the BNP were responsibility for fomenting firebombings in London. This can only refer to the recent series of arson attacks on Asian shops in South London, for which the only suspect is ... a black man.

If the BNP has such a powerful, indeed mesmeric influence over London's black 'communities', they are indeed a power in the land.

Anonymous said...

Hilariously, the story about Ruth Kelly was on the cover of the Independent. The Indy likes to boast that it does not put trivial nonsense on it's front cover.

I am no fan of Ruth Kelly (who ironically looks like a lesbian), but quite how her own views on homosexuality have much to do with running the equality department I don't understand.

Isn't it kind of, well, fascistic, to say that all Government Ministers and MPs must be pro-gay and pro-immigrant?