Monday, May 08, 2006

Compare And Contrast

Two stories of gang rape.

One alleged, involving three white lacrosse players from a prestigious American university and a black stripper hired to perform at a party.

One proven, involving two black criminals, serial rapists, and a white woman forced into a car and driven to a flat to be racially abused and assaulted at knifepoint. An earlier victim, aged fifteen, had been raped at gunpoint.

The first story hits all the right buttons for self-hating white liberals. As the BBC reports, "even aside from the current scandal, there is no escaping the hard reality that Duke's student population is largely white".

The Guardian has several stories ("it had all the ugliness of the Old South in an institution that prides itself on being a pillar of the New South: a brutal collision of race, sex and class ...").

To the Indie, the "university rape claim awakens demons of America's Deep South". Or to an Indie editor, the demons as mediated by the Rolling Stones and Neil Young ?

DNA sampling has proved negative, and it's unsure when the allegations will come to trial - but this story will run and run. You can place bets on the outcome.

The second, proven story has precisely ONE news report - in icSouthLondon. If the races of perpetrator and victim had been reversed, the BBC/Guardian/Indie would have been all over it like a rash.

Jamaican gang that used rape as its initiation
Apr 18 2006

Immigration chiefs faced fury last night for allowing a member of a sordid Jamaican rape gang to make South London his hunting ground. Sheldon Stewart, 26, was said to be part of the Buckles mob - a violent criminal outfit responsible for a spree of vile attacks in the Caribbean. Their hallmark is said to be a sickening initiation ceremony where new recruits are instructed to abduct and rape.

Yet despite being known in his homeland as a gang member, Stewart, 26, was able to move to Britain where he has:

* raped a schoolgirl at gunpoint
* held a knife to another woman's throat as he and a twisted accomplice tried to violate her
*taunted women who were prepared to stand up to him in court
*boasted of keeping young girls as slaves

Inner London Crown Court heard how Stewart attacked a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint and dragged another woman into flat in Peak Hill, Sydenham, after calling her "a white bitch". He and the scar-faced pal threatened to "burst" or shoot the first victim on November 25, 2004, if she didn't submit to their sordid demands. The girl had been lured into Stewart's car on the promise of cannabis and a lift. Instead, both men took turns to rape her as a gun was held to her head. Stewart targeted a second victim on December 30, 2004, first trying to chat her up, then bundling her into a car on the Tulse Hill Estate. He called the 25-year-old a "white bitch" and drove her back to the Sydenham flat, where the accomplice was again waiting to pounce. Stewart held a 7in long knife to the the sobbing woman's throat, but she kept calm and fooled the pair into letting her go to the toilet from where she fled.


Patrick B said...

As the BBC reports, "even aside from the current scandal, there is no escaping the hard reality that Duke's student population is largely white".

Oh, Really? So is the USA! Seems like a pretty fair reflection of the ethnic make-up of its region. Remmember, this is a private university with a strong emphasis on post-graduate and research---hence the large "international" component in enrolment.

From the Duke University web-site today:

STUDENTS Enrollment (full-time) Fall 2005
Undergraduate 6,244
African-American 11%
Asian-American 14%
Hispanic/Latino 7%
Caucasian 56%
International 7%
Other/Unknown 5%

Graduate and Professional 5,993
African-American 6%
Asian-American 8%
Hispanic/Latino 3%
Caucasian 56%
International 21%
Other/Unknown 6%

TOTAL 12,237

Ross said...

{university rape claim awakens demons of America's Deep South}

Should someone tell them that North Carolina isn't in the Deep South?

Anonymous said...

so she gets into a car with at least 1 strange man she doesn't know, because he offers her drugs.

then she looks all surprised when bad s**t goes down.

what does it take to beat sense into women like that?

Anonymous said...

I fear something similar about the girls in Reading. Theyve been conditioned to believe that theyre tough & streetwise and that getting into a car with a gang of black youths who they know are criminals is all fine and dandy.

Anonymous said...

re above when I said Reading, I dont mean girls in Reading generally, I mean the two who were raped & totured and one killed.

Telemaque said...

The laziness of the British press never ceases to amaze me, and the BBC article you pointed to, Laban, is a perfect example. There are so many things the Beeb plod misses I'll probably have to split it between comments.

For starters, Lacrosse is not a Southern sport. The game is a Red Indian creation, played by many tribes but particularly the Iroquois tribes of upstate New York, Quebec and Ontario, a long distance away. The Iroquois popularized the game among their white neighbors, which is why there is a professional lacross league in the Northeast. But the South's whites take little interest in it. When you leave Duke, you have to drive 200 miles to reach the nearest other lacrosse field (the Cherokee tribe).

This is why Duke's lacrosse team is almost entirely made of students from New York state. Specifically, from exceedingly wealthy suburbs of New York, where a culture of entitlement prevails. Now their disgusting behavior is bringing aspersions on citizens of North Carolina, and for that, the locals are furious. Duke students are now scared to leave campus for fear of being attacked by white and black Durhamites.

A little bit of footwork would have enabled to BBC to report these facts.

Telemaque said...

The next thing to note is that under the current school administration, Duke University has long tried to promote itself as being not a mere provincial college. And the locals have long returned the gesture by not showing much affinity to the place. There is no love lost between the residents of Durham and Duke University, at least no love that was lost before the 1980's.

Again, I could not find a single article from the links you pointed to, that would show a British reporter going out to find these details.

Finally, a little history. North Carolina has always been liberal compared to the rest of the South. The economy was never as dominated by plantations. It is also where the South's cotton was spun and woven, not just grown. Duke's founders were liberal by Southern standards, not by North Carolina standards.

Living in the US and listening to the Beeb is getting painful.