Saturday, July 04, 2009

Those Racist Tories Are At It Again ...

Two young Asians are walking in an Accrington street when a red 4x4 pills up alongside. A gang of up to eight young white men jump out and start hitting them in a totally unprovoked and seemingly racist attack. One of the victims gets her front teeth smashed as she is knocked unconscious.

Two of the attackers turn out to be the sons of a recently elected Tory county councillor. They were on the streets canvassing for the Tories while awaiting trial.

The councillor's reaction to the convictions ?

He said: "This is a very regrettable incident. It was out of character for my sons. They are both very sorry about the whole incident and they will never behave like this in the future.

"I am very proud of my sons and they are now moving on with their lives, education and future."

Naturally, the BBC, Mirror and Indie are outraged by this attack, as are the left blogs. The Telegraph and Times cover it in grave tones, and it's the subject of much soul-searching at Conservative Home, especially the reaction of the councillor. After speaking to David Cameron, the councillor and his sons make a formal and much fuller public apology, but the storm still rumbles on, as a Guardian piece notes that in the photograph of the councillor's election celebrations, in one of the most multicultural areas of the UK, not a single ethnic minority - or indeed female - face is to be seen.

The good news ? It was all a dream ...

(H/T - North North-Wester)