Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Small Postette



Sgt Troy said...

Moore's a High Tory buffoon really
The reason our people are not having children is primarily the unaffordability/non-existence of half-decent housing, combined with job insecurity. "Cultural Revolution" factors are marginal compared to the need to have two earners, for the most part, working to fund a £150-200000 mortgage.

Our "guests", to whom we play unwilling "host", will breed prodigiously however unpropitious the circumstances. I saw a C4 prog about Afghanistan where a family with 10 children was living on a rubbish dump, and the wife was pregnant again.

In Birmingham the Pakistani areas are literally packed out, and they are demanding new council houses; well they can whistle for those.

All this concern about demographic timebombs does seem a bit facile to me. After all the financial one has already gone off, and we are now in a crisis of employment and employability which is going to get a lot, lot worse. Hundreds of thousands of schoolleavers and graduates are either going to be added to the dole queues shortly. We already have millions of people unemployed and underemployed, obviously the official figures are garbage as per usual.

Certainly the birthrate of the indigenous population needs to be upped. But Nick Griffin - and the OPT - are right when they point to 30 millions as being all that is sustainable in the long term. In fact the BNP leader thinks this very much a top figure.

If Britain's population increased during the latter 18th and 19th century because of industrialisation then deindustrialisation has its own logic. Where we are going with an increasingly unprepossessing and unpromising collection of disparate humanity is hell on earth

Sgt Troy said...

Meanwhile the regime is spinning a "neo-nazi threat" in order to smear the BNP and attempt to negate the ground it's gaining - in terms of influencing the populace and winning votes


The actual "evidence" for this is to put it mildly extremely sparse - there are the odd lone wolf loonies of course.

The Lewington case(tennis balls and firelighters) looks very unconvincing and the treatment meted out to Robert Cottage was monstrous

"Commander Shaun Sawyer told a meeting of British Muslims concerned about the danger to their communities that police were responding to the growing threat."

"He said the aim would be to cause a "breakdown in community cohesion"."


LOL! And what community cohesion would that be then?

Personally I think the regime is frightened of people becoming so upset by the ruinous state of the country and the devastation caused to their personal prospects that it greatly fears attacks on regime stooges; by enraged but not formally politically engaged persons. The expenses trough-out lit the blue touch paper here probably because even the politically illiterate can make connections.

Bigging up "neo-nazis" would therefore be a defensive diversionary move by the regime.
In fact the existence of the BNP, which channels loathing of the regime and all its works politically lessens, the chances of political violence. If the party didn't exist the population would not then be running around giving thanks to Nulab for the gift of diversity

Anonymous said...

You got to the Biased BBC site before me Laban, and did it so much better than I ever could. I was speechless as Evan Davies opening words on that piece.

It says something about the BBC mentality that it's taken them thirty years to mention Britain's demographic collapse.

After all, they live in London. It can't have escaped them that 40% of young people are black or Asian. It can't have escaped them that the indigenous population is shrinking at a staggering rate.

Nor can it have escaped them what this means for their liberal values -secular, pro-gay, feminist. Jenni Murray wandering around parts of London today must be as detached, alien and irrelevant as bones uncovered on an archaeological dig, a quaint relic of a forgotten past, a curious, ossified reminder swept underfoot by a burgeoning, uninterested new world order.

And why? Why should a people be so blind to their destruction? As you say, because to admit the truth is as much to admit that everything they've fought for has been wrong, wrong, wrong.

I wouldn't mind so much if we were heading towards a liberal utopia. I wouldn't mind so much if, in a few decades abortion, homosexuality, contraception, feminism, the Peter Pan mentality were leading us to a country of 30m people with less congestion, a bigger housing stock. But of course, that isn't possible as long as you want to maintain the welfare state.

staybryte said...

What is this 40% nonsense? Readily availiable official figures tell us that "white British" children are around 30-35% of children in London state schools. And that's on the blatantly fraudulent 2001 censures figures.

Are we expected to believe that some mythical influx of out-of-town students in the 18-20 range have tilted the balance? A crock of the brown stuff from start to finish.

The idea that even 40% of "Londoners" below the age of 20 are white British is beyond laughable.

Anonymous said...

That Lionel Shriver article is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Going a bit O/T but still Tory insanity...

I see they are punting the idea of contracting out the maintenance of health records to Google or Microsoft. Truly Big brother is with us.

Its Google that bothers me especially. Just imagine you use Google all the time (I use it rarely) they know everything you have searched for and clicked on - going back years. And then lets say you use gmail (I certainly don't), they know every email you have sent and received - and I wouldn't like to trust them not to have kept all these archived. Then lets say you are registered with Blogger or even have a blog there. Then there is youtube as well.

And now the Tories want them to mind your medical records too. Madness.

Do you trust Google now?

staybryte said...

"Censures" should obviously read "census".

Sgt Troy said...

Probably find that London is unviable ultimately, a third world city with wholly inadequate means of support

If the indigenous people control the food producing areas we can survive and rebuild

I would love to see the smile wiped off that clown Dave Hill's(CIF) face when he's told that he will be staying in his lovely paradise of diversity when it comes to the crunch

Sgt Troy said...

“I told them in no uncertain terms that Mr Griffin MEP had sent me to resolve this matter and that if no satisfactory resolution could be reached we would be continuing the protest for an indefinite period, or, in other words, until we had confirmation that our members were to be free from further persecution and all their property returned.

“Furthermore, I informed them that if this didn’t happen I was authorised to start immediate litigation against Lancashire police and that the barrister was just awaiting my phone call. In short, Mr Griffin MEP and the British National Party were not going to tolerate this disgraceful abuse of police powers."


Anonymous said...

Sussex man's railway madness

Kaisar Ijaz Khan...

Anonymous said...

How is the Shriver article amazing? read fairly standard issue to me for people of her class and generation.