Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Public School Leftie ...

Brigstocke is ideal for the BBC.

He attended Westbourne House School just outside Chichester before going onto King's Bruton School in Somerset.

Good private boarding school material.

More on Mr Brigstocke here.


Recusant said...

It applies to all BBC comedy: stuffed full of smug fools who think that jsut saying George Bush is good enough for a laugh.

Don't even begin to start me on Jeremy Hardy - a man who called on air for those who voted for the BNP to be shot, in true Stalinist style, in the back of the head and didn't receive a reprimand - or Mark Steel.

dearieme said...

I'd forgive these buggers a lot if only they were funny.

Anonymous said...

Brigstocke, Steele, Hardy have the same routine.

Jot down the following: Bush [now obsolete], tory, Daily Mail, Daily Mail readers, BNP [new to list]. Then find some other random words to join them together and bingo! You have a comedy routine.

Btw Tory hating, white hating, British hating Steele and Hardy have something in common. Anyone guess what it is? Mentioning it will upset Laban though (sorry 'bout that) but its worth noting for the venom, in fact the hate, they display in their routines.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone guess what it is?"

No, care to enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

I think you will find they both originate from a certain well known ethnic/religious group with its roots in the middle east.

Is that it?

If true, that would certainly be a first in the history of the left/liberal culture war against the west.