Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll Have Whatever He's Having ...

Sunny Hundal on the now-traditional Iranian hostage-taking (haven't we got any ships in the area to provide hostages ?) and the available options :

"We can play this in two ways: by not making a big fuss and denying Ahmedinijad what he wants. He may then try and escalate the situation and will shoot himself in the foot or quietly release the staff. Or the EU could escalate this massively with a real threat of war very quickly..."

When I stopped laughing I reflected that Captain Mainwaring had the phrase for this :

"No, no ... I think you're getting into the realms of fantasy again here, Jones ..."


TDK said...

It's funny how even Sunny falls for the soft racism of low expectations.

"They" (in this case the Iranians) are children who can't control themselves. "We" are the adults who alone are responsible for war or peace. It's no surprise to hear this attitude from a white Guardian reading liberal. They are the grandchildren of people who's similar belief led them to colonise Africa, but not Sunny.

Edwin Greenwood said...

It's not really surprising, TDK. Just check out Pickled Politics. Sunny and his Desi posse are suffused with self-assured Indian superciliousness towards the inferior races.

They know full well that Britain, for example, has been saved from feral decline into painting each other with woad and gnawing on mammoth bones by the selfless civilizing efforts of LG Pathak with a little support from Lakshmi Mittal and the Hinduja brothers. They'd love to gloat but so far they've politely restrained themselves.

White Europeans don't have a monopoly on racial arrogance.

Victor Meldrew said...

Whether or not a Sikh from Hounslow feels superior to Iranians as a bit beside the point.

What is truly extraordinary about this, is that Sunny (a regular column writer on CIF) lives in some sort of bizzaro fantasy world.

He completely lacks the most basic grasp of current international political and military reality.

I laughed out loud when I read it. Although I actually feel a little bit guilty about it, for laughing at the afflicted, or an unfortunate or just plain stupid person.

Great find Laban.

Anonymous said...

a regular column writer on CIF...lives in some sort of bizzaro fantasy world.

Certain phrases spring to mind. Love and marriage. Horse and carriage. "truly extraordinary" isn't one of them.

TDK said...

In this context I doubt Sunny thinks of himself as being Sikh or Indian. he has drunk from the well of anti-Westernism and that is the central plank of his ideology.

In that he differs not at all from his fellow progressives. However he does differ in that, although we might expect a non white to object to such a condescending attitude to fellow non-whites he seems to have no scruples.