Tuesday, September 11, 2007

That Gordon Brown TUC Speech

In his speech, which received a muted response from the TUC, Mr Brown told them that he would not "jeopardise Britain's economic success" by allowing pay rises which were at or above the level of inflation, "unless they are for the top managers and directors who make large donations - I mean who make such a difference to the economy."

Warming to his theme, Mr Brown aked his audience "just who the **** do you think you are ? I f****** own you, and don't you forget it. I made your jobs, I've got friends who could buy you all with their petty cash. There are millions of people in the world who want your jobs - AND they work harder, and for less, than you ******* ! F*** off to Poland and see what the job market's like there if you've got a problem !"

Calming down with a visible effort, Mr Brown concluded that "competition from immigrant workers - I mean pay discipline" was "essential to prevent inflation, improve the profits of my friends, to maintain growth and create more jobs for immigrant workers - and so that we never return to the old boom and bust of the past".


Anonymous said...

How do you know when comrade brown is lying? His lips move.

Susan said...

The same line is being used by the open borders crowd in the US. We're caught between a rock and a hard place -- commies on one side licking their lips at millions of oppressed brown people to exploit for their own gain, and capitalists on the other side licking their lips at millions of oppressed brown people to exploit for their own gain.

paul ilc said...


This is nostalgic and economically illiterate.

Are you on the the side of producer interests (eg, TUC, BNP) or the consumer (you and me)?

Voters will always favour the latter; and the the wealth of any society should be measured in what it can afford to import, not what it exports.

Why should the UK consumer and taxpayer protect particular working class communities from market forces that bring benefits to our society as a whole?

Social cohesion? Nostalgia? Sorry, capitalism involves creative destruction. And it is painful. But the UK has a head start....

Meanwhile, the proles (from which you have evidently emerged) have a huge opportunity to become middle class and to help civilise the mob...

Morally, I'm with you 100%!

Dave said...

No Paul ilc.
In an ideal world you are 100% correct but we don't live in that kind of world.
What happens if we as a nation loose the ability to produce our own food, or own weapons to defend ourselves?
We cease to be a sovereign nation and will be defacto ruled by those who we rely on either directly or for help with market leverage such as the EU.
I 'hope' our new rulers treat us ok and agree to enforce your property rights and laws of contract.

Where you libertarians have got it wrong is that you think there are these ineffable rights that exist independent of the water you swim in and it therefore doesn't matter if you run dry.
They don't, and sooner or later you will see that.